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How to help your baby's brain grow and develop, with singing time at the end!

How to help your baby's brain grow and develop, with singing time at the end!

Hello from Kathryn, organiser of the Parent University course at PACT.

Did you know, 90% of brain development happens before the age of 5 - those early years are a special time!really From the moment they’re born, babies are learning and billions of neurons in their brains are forming connections with each other. If these connections get used, they grow stronger and form a really solid foundation. If they don’t get used, they will fade away - a process called pruning.

Lots of learning takes place without us even realizing, as babies look at us, listen to us and observe the world around them. But, as parents, we can play a part in helping our babies brain develop and grow. 

By loving them and responding to them when they need something, we help them feel safe and attached to their parent– this is a very important part of brain development. Their brains will form the right connections to give them a sense of safety and security. They will feel more confident to explore the world around them, it helps them understand other people, how relationships work and how to manage their emotions.

You can also help their brain development in lots of other ways – talk, sing, smile and read books with them, to help their language and communication; give them opportunities to practice rolling, sitting and crawling to help their physical development; give them simple toys like cups, balls and blocks; blow bubbles, introduce them to different colours, shapes and textures.

Remember all babies develop at different rates so try not to compare your baby with others. We know that when life is stressful and you have a lot on your mind, it can be difficult to give your full attention to your baby. But even, short bursts of attention are really good. None of us can talk and sing all the time, but do what you can, have fun with your children and respond lovingly to them and their brains will be growing and developing wonderfully

¿Sabías que el 90% del desarrollo cerebral se hace antes de los 5 años? ¡Increíble!

Millones de conexiones se están formando dentro de los cerebros de nuestros bebés y se vuelven más fuertes cada vez que se usan.

Puedes ayudar el desarrollo de sy cerebro queriendo y respondiendo a tu bebé – esto les haría sentir seguros y protegidos. Les ayudaría sentir confianza para explorar el mundo que les rodea y empezar a entender sus propios sentimientos y los de los demás.

También puedes hablar, jugar y cantar con tu bebé. Sabemos que cuando la vida es estresante es difícil dar toda tu atención a tu bebé, pero cuando puedas, diviértete, habla, interactúa y conecta con tu bebé.

Posted by Ana Ramirez Mourraille on 1 Apr, 2021